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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How to change gears in C4 lathe

I have to admit that this new change gear system SIEG has done is just wonderful, as the change can be done in a minute and easily without any modifications nor hard to reach places.

First open the small socket head cap screw from the front to get the gear cover open. Inside you'll find the regular arrangement of gears. In this picture I have the new gears ready and the BC-gear pairs mounting axle dismounted and all the necessary tools to make the change.

Put the sleeve with the key on the axle, then the small washer and thread the T-nut on the axle a little. Slide the T-nut behind the geartrain holding arm and the washer on the front side. Snug up the axle with fingers.

Slide the B gear on the sleeve and then the C gear after it. Now move the axle so that the C/D pair engages properly and tighten the axle with a 7 mm wrench. If the A/B pair gets in the way or is not engaging, open up the socket head cap screw in the lower end of the arm, located just behind the D gear and turn the arm down a little. When you have C/D engagement correct, move the arm to engage A/B properly and tighten the arms screw.

As a last operation drop the cutout washer on the axle and thread the locking nut in place. Even fingertight is enough, but I'll usually snug it up a little bit with a wrench to be sure it doesn't open up under vibration.

This is so easy and fast to do than on the older C2 lathe that I could change the gears just for the fun of it! :)

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