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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blasting cabinet

I bought a blasting cabinet from Biltema (article #15-377) for 159 EUR. The cabinet is quite small so it fits my workshop well, as it is more than enough in size for my parts. My intention is to use this with the silent air compressor I built earlier, but I'm going to use a small blasting pen with this cabinet to keep the air consumption low. My blasting media will be fine glass beads as I want to have a nice finished surface on my parts and one lock related project needs this also.

And as with all things that I carry home, it happened once again. I get the box inside, close the door and turn around and the Quality Inspection Team is all over the place. Yup, that's my other cat, enjoying a new toy. Well, at least they get the box afterwards as they love to play and sleep in them :)

The box contained all the parts neatly packed and properly shielded with lots of bubble wrap. I pulled all the essential small parts out front to take this picture. In here you'll see the V-bottom of the cabinet, the gloves, the supplied blasting gun and four nozzles, the lamp and a power source for it, instructions manual and a bag full of nuts & bolts. Notice the grey foam around the V-bottom, this was preinstalled but I was not thrilled of it and the next pictures shows why.

Here I'm applying very liberal amounts of butyl sealant with a caulking gun. The sealant was a 300 ml tube from Biltema for 3.99 EUR and the gun also from Biltema for 2.99 EUR. The butyl sealant is good as it remains elastic and kind of rubbery when it hardens fully (around 1-3 weeks). Downside is the enourmous force needed to squeeze it out of the tube, as it is very thick.

The sealent begans to surfaceharden after about 20 minutes so there is plenty of time to install the parts and screw everything down. In the picture I'm just installing one of the sides to the V-bottom after applying the sealant. You can notice that I removed the original foam seal from the V-bottom. The reason is that I didn't like it and I had a tube full of this butyl sealant that I could install instead. I wanted a blasting cabinet that would not blow the blasting media all over my room from the small holes that would have been left in the corners and joints where the bolts are. Applying this sealant to all mating surfaces provides me an "airtight" blasting cabinet and helps to keep noise level and cleaning down.

The only difficulty I found installing all the parts was with the gloves. I couldn't keep them in place with only one hand while trying to fit the compression ring around them with the other. Finally I figured out that I could put the ring ready on the glove, fold the gloves edge around the ring and then install it in the cabinet. Worked well and got everything assembled. In the picture you see the original gun and its nozzles and the small 12 V transformer for the interior light. This is a nice safety feature as there isn't 230 VAC inside the cabinet. On the right hand side in the upper back corner there is a small yellow air filter that lets out the air but keeps the blasting media inside and also drops down the noise somewhat.

Although the cabinet has its own feet, I'm not putting it on a table but will make feet for it instead and write about them and one other mod I have in my mind.

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