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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blasting cabinet mods

Here is my blasting cabinet in operational condition albeit still on the floor in this picture. The small rectangular box contains about a litre of pantyhose filtered glass beads ready for use in the small blasting pen. The blasting pen is the one with the long and colorful hose in the middle and it has a small cup that holds the blasting media.

The original blasting gun was supposed to be installed with a small female connector in the right hand side panel so that there would be a G 1/4" female thread for a pipe connector. But as I'm not going to use the original gun but the blasting pen and I want a small air gun in there also for cleaning, I made a small splitter block from aluminum. The splitter block has two female quick connectors to attach the pen and the gun. The splitter has G 1/4" threads for the quick connectors and one cross drilling that I plugged from the end with an R 1/4" plug and pipe connection glue.

The air gun is from Biltema and provides very good adjustability as the trigger lever is long. It also happened to have the dangling hook in an otimal place just by coincidence, as I found out that it fits perfectly loose to the M4 screw that holds the air filter in the cabinet and is in reach of my hand while working. The hose for this air gun I liberated from the original blasting gun as it is quite thin walled and very flexible, so it is easy to maneuver inside the cabinet.

The inlet to the splitter block comes from the compressor with a hose that has a female quick connector in the end that fits a male quick connector. This is attached to an elbow joint that is going through the cabinet wall to the splitter block and keeping it also in place. The elbow connection saves me some lateral room as it comes out only about 30 mm from the side of the cabinet versus about 100 mm that it would take with the quick connector & hose coming in horizontally.


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