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Monday, February 28, 2011

Attention Europeans: SIEG Scandinavia

I was looking for information and dealers for the SIEG CNC series and came across a very low price dealer in Europe called SIEG Scandinavia. They offer on their website the whole SIEG production machines and at a very low price compared to for example Finnish dealers.

On some machines there is free shipping in European Union, but generally the DHL cost is 120 EUR per machine, which is very reasonable.

I haven't yet bought anything from them, as I'm collecting money for the SIEG KX3-CNC machine with a Mach3 software.


    I bought a Sieg X2 from Sieg scandinavia. We agreed on a price inlcuding shipping to Norway, and the mill was paid for in advance. However, when arriving in Norway, Sieg had not paid for the whole shipping. I had to pay 350 euro EXTRA to get the lathe(excluding VAT). I contacted the dealer(Søren) and he promised me many times that he would refund the money, but nothing has showed up in two years. In my opinion, he is not an honest man.


  2. I've bought a sieg sx2 from them, at the time it costed 600 euros with shipping to deal ever :)

    later bought a power feed for that mill, it got lost on the mail, mail company sent the piece to Poland, instead of Portugal, but eventualy i got the piece...and have nothing negative to say about them...other that they are getting a little expensive.

  3. Hi, can I ask you a question.

    Noticed you bought a new lathe recently and set it up.

    I am thinking of buying a similar sized lathe to the Sieg, maybe a Proxxon or small compact Emco but I have never set one up before, in fact I have only ever used one now and again.

    I am just wondering from the point of view of a layman are they easy to set up and is there much calibration involved.


  4. To Ed in norway , you only payed for shipping to nerest harbor in norway , but when the shippingcompany call you, you told them to send the machine to your door, that cost exstra money,so i dont think you are fair.
    best regards søren (sieg-scandinavia)

  5. Soren,
    you are a liar.
    I paid for shipping to A PORT IN MY HOMETOWN. The mill was shipped to a city 500km away, and the whole shipping fee was not paid for. Even if I had traveled the 500km, it would not have been cheaper to get the mill. Since it was prepaid, you left me with no option than to pay the shipping company.The agreement was that I should PICK IT UP MYSELF, and pay the VAT. I contacted you many times, and you promised to refund my money. You kept repeating "I will send it on monday", but no money ever came.
    If you would like to settle the case, please contact me, and I will let everyone know that we finally settled the case. Until then, I will maintain that you are not to be trusted.